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Who knew?

I am really enjoying listening through the Bible.  No, it doesn't replace cracking open the book and digging in, but I am being challenged in my thinking and God is speaking to my heart.  So, if you are like me and can't find time each and every day to dig deep and observe thoroughly - listen carefully!  I download the ESV Chronological Bible Podcast each morning and listen while I'm getting dressed for work

I'm still processing all I heard about Moses and I've been encouraged. Why?  Because God called Moses to a huge task and gave him an enormous responsibility.  But, God sent person after person along side Moses. I think that preaches and relates to us - right here and right now - today. From the very beginning God sent Moses an Aaron.  Then, Moses had Aaron and Hur. (Remember the story of them holding up Moses' hands?)  I can only imagine the delight Joshua brought to Moses' heart. And, then there came Jethro. Who knew Jethro was a Bible name?

Jethro was Moses' father in law.  Evidently Jethro missed all the miraculous signs and wonders, so Moses told him all the lord had done...about the hardships...being delivered...the goodness of the Lord in delivering them.  Moses' testimony made Jethro believe that God was greater than all the gods. So interesting what happens next.  You can listen to all this below but here's a summary:  Jethro watches Moses judging all the people from morning to evening and told him he was going to wear himself out!

Should have been obvious right?  So why is Jethro the first person to come along side Moses and point this out?  Very interesting!  Jethro counseled Moses by telling him he needed help and even what kind of people he needed to find to help him.  What seemed so obvious to Jethro was not obvious to Moses.  It doesn't appear it wasn't obvious to anyone else in the entire Hebrew camp either.  Wow, that's a life application moment. Lord, keep sending Jethro's into our lives!

There is one thing I am embracing about getting older and that is I understand more and more each day how God wired.me. Or maybe more importantly, how God has not wired me. I'm figuring out what fuels and energizes me, what abilities God has given to me and when I am working outside of my gifts and abilities. There was a time when I didn't know all of this and so I would keep going even though I was being drained of energy and was definitely working outside of my gifts and abilities.  How did I know?  It's called i-r-r-i -t-a-b-l-e.  It's called b-u-r-n  o-u-t.  It is called n-o  j-o-y!  Who knew I needed a Jethro?  God did.  God does!

Do you agree with this statement?  God can wear you out but if you are doing the work God has called you to do and you are doing it in His strength and in the gifts and abilities given to you then you will not experience burn out.