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Ch Ch Ch Changes

I think it was this week (but then who can remember), my co-laborer and fried friend Tracy posted this picture on her Facebook page. Honest to goodness the two of us have looked just like this (on the inside) a lot lately. Why?  The Lord has called us and placed us in an area of the Ministry that is developing.  What does that means exactly?

Ch Ch Ch Changes!  To live and operate in a world that constantly changes - means you need to remain adaptable and flexible.  Sure, that's the real world, but.c'mon now - this does not come natural.  Well, at least not for me!  Adapting and flexing usually means ... stop doing something one way and and start doing them another way.  That means more thinking (or rethinking), learning, figuring something out (a/k/a/ developing)! Thus the above picture. It reminds me of my 3 PM "fried brain feeling".

In my oldish age you would think I'd be used to change and ready to adapt and flex.  Not!  But, praise be to God - I'm learning! Ah, the learning curve.  Just about the time I think I've developed something - something else gets thrown into the mix and it's back to the drawing board, revisiting the idea or scratching it all together and starting from scratch.  Yes, the above picture gives you the inside look into the brain of someone on a long and sharp learning curve.

The Lord's had me (Tracy and a wonderful team of leaders) on a very long and sharp learning curve for a while now and surprisingly I'm learning a lot about change.  That sounds funny but  in the midst of change, the Lord can teach you how to adapt to change and get this... embrace change.  Yep, I said it!  You can learn to embrace change. God is teaching me how to maneuver change. How?  By paying close attention to the emotions that change evokes. Now, let me stop here and say I haven't perfected any of this....but I am learning!

What I've learned is change evokes all kinds of emotions! I'm learning in an even grander way that I really need to stop and pay close attention to my emotions and then discuss those emotions with the Lord so I can understand them and what to do with them so I don't miss my God moment (what God is doing in and through the change).  Lessons learned or being learned:

1.  Ch Ch Ch Changes frustrate me! When I get frustrated I have to watch my thinking and my mouth. I have to be intentional about stopping, taking a deep breath, assessing my emotions and then ask the Lord to help me to walk by the Spirit (respond) rather than walk by the flesh (react). I am learning to stop and ask the Lord to help me understand what He is doing.  You see I want to adapt to the Lord and be flexible before the Lord. When my frustration is shown or expressed, it is rarely pretty and it is certainly not motivating to those around me.  So, I am learning to remind myself that He is sovereign and the author of these Ch Ch Ch Changes in my life. When I can remember to do this, the frustration disappears and I am able to enjoy what God is doing in and through the change.  Yes, I actually said enjoy change.  Oh, glory!

2.  Ch Ch Ch Changes can be scary! Truth is, I don't know how to do half of what the Lord wants me to do.  I've had to learn more new skills in the last few years of my life than I ever expected.  And about things I didn't even know I wanted to know about.  When you spend most of your time realizing you have no idea what you are doing - fear is right there waiting to overtake you!  Sure, I have skills, abilities, experience - but I've learned they are not enough to get the job that God has me doing done.  I've learning to rely upon and trust in God in greater ways.  And you know what? He is ever more faithful and trustworthy,  He always supplies what is needed to accomplish His work. I'm learning that the very work He calls us to accomplish in His name and for His glory is the work that He uses to bring about the most change or transformation in us. Wow - very interesting.  I'm learning that when fear lurks I must be on guard. I must point myself and those around me to seek God for direction, strength...what's needed.  Otherwise, my insecurities kick in, wrong thinking kicks in and it only goes south from there and before you know it I've missed another God moment.

3.  Ch Ch Ch Changes are exhausting!  Boy, those long sharp learning curves can wear you out.  Who knew ones brain could actually get tired of thinking, rethinking and figuring things out.  When I am brain dead  I am no good to anyone and just need to go lock myself in a room somewhere and REST, recharge and refresh.  I am learning I am a danger to myself and others when I keep trying to run on empty. To really enjoy the learning curve you need to be able to concentrate and go at all out speed!  So, physical rest is essential!

4.  Ch Ch Ch Changes are God ordained!  I'm learning this one and this one is a biggy!  If it's true that changes are God ordained (and I believe this is true) then change is good.  So, even though change is not natural (humanly speaking) it is a part of God's plan for my life.  So, I am learning to embrace it, look forward to it and enjoy the Ch Ch Ch Changes!  Weee weee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!