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I don't know nothing about birthin' no baby

I love the Bible account of Deborah.  God had appointed her a judge over Israel.  Pretty special since judges were to save God's people out of the hand of those who plundered them.  Judges 1:18 says:  "Whenever the Lord raised up judges for them, the Lord was with the judge, and he saved them from the hand of their enemies all the days of the judge". During Deborah's day, King Jabin had oppressed cruelly the people for 20 years.  Things were bad.  Community life had all but ceased, the highways were abandoned and hardly a shield, spear or fighting man could be found.  Until it says...until Deborah arose a mother in Israel.

Nowhere does it mention Deborah was a biological mother but she arose a mother in Israel and saved the day! God’s people were in a mess. Their choices and behavior impacted the lives of their families, community and society in general. As a woman (helper and mother) - Deborah was a leader, she was a warrior and she changed her society!  Community life here is much like that of Deborah’s time. Our choices and behavior have impacted our lives, our families, communities and society in general.

I have never had children of my own so I really don't know nothing about birthin' no baby.  But, I do know about mothering and right now we need to be as Deborah.  We need to arise as mothers in America.  My last posts have been an attempt to share the longing of my own heart to arise as a mother and perhaps inspire you that...together we can do it!  Together we can fight for our families, homes, churches and communities.  Together we can use our influence and super powers (so to speak) as God's wonder women to save the day.  

Good and godly mothers think biblically, speak truth into the situations around them and do what is right so that those living within their reach and influence no longer live in oppression or can avoid living in oppression.  I love what Susan Hunt says about spiritual mothering.

"The name El Shaddai and Scripture surely give value to mothering, but they also imply a capacity for mothering that has been given to women. Biological birthing is not the activator of this capacity; women who have never given physical birth still have this mothering capacity and can exhibit mothering characteristics. 
The development of this mothering capacity is affected by instinct and learning but is hindered by sin. When the Holy Spirit produces faith in a woman, she becomes a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). A dramatic result of her newness is her even greater potential for the development of this female capacity. The Christian woman not only has a new Pattern, she has a new Power. 
As a woman’s growing desire to imitate God produces obedience to His Word, she develops mothering characteristics. Our femaleness gives us the capacity for mothering; our faith produces certain characteristics of mothering. Some characteristics we see from the Scriptures are strength, excellence, tenderness, generosity, desire to nurture, comfort, compassion, affection, protection, and sacrifice. These characteristics are relational – they simply will not allow a person to be an isolationist. The possession of these characteristics creates an intense desire to nurture and to be nurtured. The results in the recipients are security and fruitfulness. They will flourish like grass."
Oh sisters,  we can do it.  Oh please let's do it!  Let's arise mothers in America and let's live out our helper design.  It will not be easy and we will not win any popularity contests while arising.  But, as Nehemiah 4:17 says....."do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight" for those within your reach and influence. The result will be security and fruitfulness and they will flourish like grass.  Glory be.


Fish Vomit

In your faith walk, have you ever found yourself fish vomit?  Before you think me totally mad, hear me out.

God really strengthened my heart recently.  I've been listening my way through the Bible this year - chronologically!  Sometimes it's easy to zone out when you get to those familiar places in the Bible.  You know the ones where you've heard the stories since childhood and at least a couple of dozen sermons on the subject?  So, as I started hearing Jonah, my thought was:"I know this"!  But - boy oh boy did the Lord have some new insights for me to learn!  As I listened and continued throughout the day to reflect on what I heard, here is what I gleaned:

· God reminded me and thus encouraged me that He appoints work for me to do on His behalf.  Wow.

· I can say no to God's work and run in the other direction but He pursues me.  Isn't that amazing?

· When I say no to God and go in my own direction, it always impacts others in a negative way.  Sad but true.

· By the time my rebellion is all over, I look and feel like I've been in the belly of a fish for three days and three nights and am laying in fish vomit.  So not pretty.

· Even when I don't want to do what God asks of me and I get attitude, He still allows me to do the work. Now, that's mind blogging.

· Though I am rebellious and have attitude, I am still God's and He still takes time to talk to me, teach me, use me.  But, why?  This truth melts my heart.

You really should listen to it:  July 7, 2012 Podcast


Life with daddy

My daddy is 92 years old.  Six years ago he and my mother made the huge decision to sell everything and move in with me and Tom.  Within a week of arriving, my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Jesus came for her 3 months later and so she left us with daddy and her dog. Daddy had medical issues of his own and the dog - well...he has issues too but that's a whole other blog post (a picture is worth a thousand words).

I remember sitting by mother's bed when she passed away and hearing daddy commending her spirit to God.  I remember thinking then how precious those words were for someone who had just lost his bride (as he would say) of 61 years and for a man who had just lost his independence.

Daddy is from the Great Generation. He has an amazing resilience. True Grit! During the six years he's lived with us, he's undergone 40 radiation treatments, pneumonia, numerous emergency room and doctor visits for bladder infections and issues due to his radiated bladder, 30+ hyperbaric treatments, received a pace maker, diagnosed with Alzheimer's and oh yes, did I mention he is legally blind?  Okay so from 86 to 92, he also:

· Went to the VA facility in Hershey, PA for 2 weeks to learn how to use a variety of aids and tips for the visually impaired
· Took and completed a typing course for the blind provided by the Hadley School of the blind so that he could receive a talking computer
· Went to the VA facility in Birmingham, AL for 6 weeks to learn how to use the talking computer
·  Received his talking computer
· Wrote his first novel
· Finished his memoirs
·  Wrote 5 small booklets filled with short vignettes or stories that he then sent to over 100 people as Christmas presents 5 years in a row
· Wrote and distributed to anyone who wanted them several short papers on "The Ugly Truth About Abortion", "The Security of the Unborn", and "Salvation"
· Has been on numerous car and plane trips and is ready to go - anywhere!
· Stays up with the news - especially what's happening on the political front
· Has kept the faith - continues to fight the good fight

Life with daddy is filled with wonderful stories and memories but these last six years have been filled with some of his greatest achievements as we have witnessed him walking not by sight but by faith!  My daddy is a gift and God has entrusted him to Tom and I to watch over him.  I pray that Tom and I are as much a gift to him as he has been to me...to us.  Life with daddy who is legally blind, has Alzheimer's and an evil dog has it's challenges and some days are very interesting.  But look at him - what an amazing man.  What an amazing father. Thank you God for Dave Hinkle for he is a testimony of Your faithfulness and how faith in You provides hope, strength, joy, perseverance...


Big Blue Marble

During a meeting last week I noticed a co-worker had the most incredible picture of earth I've ever seen as his screen saver. So, I did a Google search and found this picture from NASA.

Doesn't this picture just cause you to sit a minute in wonder?  It's obviously taken miles from earth.  Look at earth - just hanging there in space - so beautiful.  And we are down there on that big blue marble that hangs in space.  Remarkable.

As I was listening to my ESV Chronological Podcast yesterday, I head the psalmist say "You established the earth, and it stands" and my mind immediately went to this picture of the earth.  It stands but how?  

How does the earth hang there in the middle of nothing?  The simple truth takes my breath away.  How?  Because God says so.  Earth hangs or stands because His Word is just that powerful.  He is just that powerful.  Wow!  Here is where the psalmist says:
 " Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven. Your faithfulness continues throughout all generations; You established the earth, and it stands. They stand this day according to Your ordinances, For all things are Your servants." (Psalm 119:89-91)
I have God bumps all over my arms just reading these verses and seeing this picture.  Almighty God...Abba Father  -  spoke the world into existence.  He said let there be....and by the power of His Word it be (exists)!  I go back and I read the creation account in Genesis and I see and declare - Your Word is settled in the Heavens....You established the earth, and it stands.  They stand this day according to Your ordinances (or words) - for all things are Your servants.

God, oh my God - You are amazing and Your faithfulness does continue throughout all generations.  You have been faithful to cause the earth which You established to stand to this day.  You are forever faithful to Your Word!  Thank You God for this awesome and beautiful reminder of your might, majesty and faithfulness.  Cause me to hang on Your every Word, to know Your every Word, to cherish and delight in Your every Word and to keep and walk in Your Word - for You have magnified Your Word together with Your Name. (Psalm 132:8).
All rightly then.  That sure enough winds my watch!