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Soldiers of War

I'm sitting here this morning thanking God for all those who have fought and fallen for the sake of freedom.  Why would people I don't even know be willing to fight and die for me so that I can live in a safe and free country?  It takes a special person to leave family and home, go train for war and live each day suited and ready for battle - on high alert to the enemy. I hate to admit it, but I need to be reminded that the life I live today came at great cost and I should never, ever take that for granted. I thank God for all the American soldiers who have fought and fallen and for the precious families who sacrificed a loved one for my safety and freedom.  Boy, that's sobering.

Of course I think of Jesus dying for me so that I could have spiritual freedom.  And sitting here reflecting, I also think of all the Christian soldiers - hero's of the faith who fought and fell so that I could hear about being free in Christ and so I could have the ability to read and know the Word of God for myself.  The life of a soldier (any kind) is not easy and the death of a soldier is not pretty.  Boy oh boy is that sobering.

If I call myself an Christian American then I have a huge responsibility don't I?  I am compelled...no obligated to protect and fight for freedom and to guard and teach the gospel. I am not normally into rap music, but I am inspired by the words to this rap song:  Standing on the Front Lines.