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Beloved of God - Free Resource


Thanks to Precept Ministries International, learning inductive Bible study skills changed my life!  I did not learn how to discover truth for myself until I was in my 40's but once I learned how to mine God's Word, I found treasures...and I'm still digging and discovering. Hallelujah!


When I first started studying inductively, I thought I knew a lot about God but boy was I wrong!  I didn't have a right understanding of God and I didn't have a right understanding of who I am in Christ.  Getting my mind around the character of God and that I am Beloved of God were  major markers in my spiritual growth.  So, about 10 years ago, I wrote them down in a little book and enjoyed sharing these truths and the little book with as many women as the Lord sent to me.

Why I am sharing the PDF to this little book now?


·  This week I received an email from a woman who told me learning these truths had been a marker in her life and wanted to know if she could get the book to share with someone else.  I told her I would send her the PDF.

·  It was just last week I had to remember that I am Beloved of God, take up these truths and do some mental battle!

·  I've learned so much since putting these truths in a booklet and for several years I've wanted to give it an update.  But, the Lord has had me busy doing other things and I don't see an update any time soon!


So, here it is: Beloved of God Book

When the little book was printed, I had wristbands made.  For over 10 years, when I needed to be reminded that I am Beloved of God, I would wear this wristband as a visual reminder. I've pulled mine back out!  I have about 10 of them left - do you want one?


Mark well!

As God would have it, I'm listening to His very detailed instructions given to Moses concerning the design and construction of the tabernacle while at the same time studying inductively God's detailed temple design and instructions given to Ezekiel. The detail is mind blowing! The details are incredible. I'm still trying to figure out the "when" of the Ezekiel temple, but for sure - it is well described. Honestly, I can almost see it. Of course, the drawings included in the course and found online help me get the visual!  Moving on to Chapter 44, God instructs Ezekiel about the priests who minister in God's house or temple and we were to notice:

"The Lord said to me, Son of man, mark well, see with the eyes, hear with the ears all that I say to you concerning all the statues of the house of the Lord and concerning all it's laws and mark well the entrance of the house, with all exists of the sanctuary." Ezekiel 44:5
Lot's of all's in there but the word that captured me was "mark" which means to set your heart on. Don't you love it?  It reads...
The Lord said to me, Son of man, set your heart on well, see with the eyes, hear with the ears all that I say...:

I'm telling you, once I learned what the word mark meant - I couldn't get past this verse. I just had to stop and chew on it a while. Why did this speak to my heart? Because that's what God wants me doing when I come to His Word.  He wants me to set my heart on it, see with my eyes, hear with my ears all that He says. Oh, I know He's talking to Ezekiel here and specifically about the temple design, but this "principle" beckoned me to examine my heart.  When I'm studying the Bible inductively - like I am now with Ezekiel, I'm marking key words.  Marking key words helps me to set my heart on all that God is saying.  As you study, what helps you set you  heart on all God is saying?



Once upon a time when I was young (before I could read), my mother would read the Bible to me. She could never get too far because I couldn't get past "In the beginning." I would ask her over and over again (even after I could read) "in the beginning what?"  Her answer was always straight from the Word of God - Genesis 1:1 to be exact:  In the beginning God...

Commercial:  You know, through all the twists, turns, bumps and bruises of life, I've needed to get past what God doesn't say in His Word so that I could focus on what He does say.  And, boy oh boy does God have a lot to say.  For years, I bought the lie that I couldn't understand God's Word or the lie that people actually have license to interpret the Word of God based on their understanding.  Hogwash!  I promise you that if you learn how to study the Bible inductively, you will understand what it says, what it means and how to live and order your life based on what it says and means!  Now, how cool is that? End of commercial!

As I was listening to the January 1-2 ESV Chronological podcast and heard "In the beginning God...", I chuckled and stood in awe of God who wants to reveal Himself to me.  Ephesians 1:3-6 says that before God ever spoke the world into existence (Genesis 1) He thought of me and planned for me.  Seriously?  Yes, seriously and that means all He did "in the beginning" - He did for US.  Oh my goodness - He simply yet powerfully spoke and...

  • Separated the light from the darkness and the waters from the waters and dry land appeared.  He spoke and...
  • The earth sprouted vegetation.  He spoke and...
  • Lights appeared in the expanse of the heavens to separate day from night and as signs for seasons, days and years and to give light on the earth.  He spoke...
  • Two great lights into existence - The great light governs the day and the lesser light governs the night.  He spoke and...
  • There were fish and birds and cattle and every creeping thing!
But God formed and fashioned man and woman with His very own hands. Let me repeat myself - oh, my goodness!  Can I share from my heart?  We just need to get past what we think we know about God and sit down long enough to read and study what He does say so we can discover and understand it for ourselves.  Please - oh please - let's don't miss the wonder of it all.  The One who spoke the heavens, earth, stars, moon and sun into existence, knit us together in our mother's womb and knows us intimately (Psalm 139) and HE wants to have an intimate relationship with us!  Nope,we do not want to miss this!  let's go for it...  Run!