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My, my, my - how time flys!

Wow, it's October already and I haven't had time to post a blog since August? Sad - but true! Now, I'm in the middle of sorting, pitching and packing and who know when I'll be able to finish the 10 C's of Nehemiah. Why am I not surprised? I just think I have something to share now from Nehemiah, but just wait until after the move! So, just in case you were following along - don't give up on me. God isn't finished yet! I'm just a bit sidetracked with the move to Chattanooga.

Today was a VERY emotional day for me. I shouldn't be surprised and yet I am. My niece (Lisa) who lives in Jersey and has worked with Tom for the past 18 years (or so) came out today - with her friend Stacy. I realized when I hugged her goodbye that it was a goodbye of sorts. No longer will she just be one state away but many states away. We went through some of my parents things in the basement and she took a few "keepsakes." Most precious was that she took my mother's rings. Oh what a story - my mother's rings. My mother.... On her 25th wedding anniversary my daddy gave her a beautiful solitaire diamond. Many years later, she would add a diamond right next to it so that her girls would each have one! Neither of her girls had their mother's tiny fingers and also could not bear to cut the ring in half. But the ring fits Lisa perfectly and today it came out of the box and she wore it home. Together with the band, another band of diamonds and a diamond cluster ring. All of which my mother wore all the time. Oh it was so precious to see her sitting there with my mother's rings on her pretty little hands. I was surprised at the DEPTH joy it brought my heart.

But, when I went to hug Lisa goodbye I just didn't want to let her go. I wanted to breathe her in. As I stood there holding her, I regretted all the moments I had not seized with her. Oh, why didn't I seize those moments? Forgive me Lisa for not seizing the moments. I love her and I am so proud of her. How I pray that in the depths of her soul she KNOWS that she is loved, appreciated, admired and always in my thoughts and prayers. It was SO precious for Stacy to come out today with Lisa. She is such a dear friend to Lisa and holds a very special place in our hearts too. I love these beautiful women and I will miss them terribly. Oh, I know I didn't get to see them all that often but I knew I could and now...well...hopefully they really will visit us in Chattanooga. I will not give up hope....

Lisa - I love you.