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The look of love

Recently, my sister and I spent a day taking a trip down memory lane. We decided to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of our mother being with Jesus by spending the day together.  As we looked through old pictures and papers, we laughed and cried and remembered times gone by.

This picture was taken when I was a junior or senior in high school.  Daddy had a business trip to San Francisco and momma and I got to tag along.  That's my mother in the middle and I am on the right - all decked out in my fall (hairpiece).  But, that's not the point of this blog post.  What is the point?  Look at my mother. Dear friends, that look is the look of love.  She was looking right into the camera held by my daddy (the love of her life). How priceless to have captured that moment.  What a gift.

But you know what?  That look of love was not just reserved for my daddy.  My sister and I sure saw it as did many others.  Yes, the love she felt for each one of us might have been a little different but that was her special look of love. She loved well. 

What a legacy.  You might be thinking, "But, I don't have that kind of legacy."  Please keep reading because I have a challenge for us all.

As my sister and I looked through old pictures, my heart soared when I saw this one. I felt hugged and encouraged.  But, I also felt challenged to make sure I am loving well and giving the look of love.  After Jesus comes for me, so much of what I think is important won't even matter.  What will matter is did I love well and did those I love see that special and beautiful look of love?  Did I  leave a legacy of faith and love?  Did you?

Psalm 139 tells us that God knits us together in our mother's womb.  Wow!  That means He picks the family we are born into.  And you know what else?  Each and every person in our lives is a gift from God. Oh Lord, help us to love well. In Jesus name, for His sake and in His power and strength, let's leave a legacy of faith, love and share with all that look of love.  Let's love well!

Okay, so maybe you weren't left a legacy of faith and love but if you have Jesus, you have all you need to leave a legacy of faith and love.  You can learn to love well because you have the Holy Spirit and God's Word!  If you don't have Jesus, let's talk.


Shall we dance?

I love a good chic flick and the more romantic the better.  Recently, I watched "Shall We Dance."  Early in the movie the wife said to the husband:  "Come dance with me."  The husband's response was:  "But I don't know how to dance".

Then, it hit me!  That's it...I don't know how to dance.  All my life - every time I go out on the dance floor to slow dance, I am frustrated.  I feel foolish, tense, unable to relax and enjoy.  Why?  Well, he's supposed to lead and I'm suppose to follow, but how can I follow if I don't know where he's going?  How can my foot follow his if I don't know which direction it's going in?  Help!  I need to learn some basic dance steps.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like this in my faith walk with God.  I want to dance with God but instead I feel foolish, tense, unable to relax and enjoy.  I just need to learn some basic dance steps!  I just need a few lessons (a/k/a Bible studies)!

At the end of the "Shall We Dance", the husband goes to his wife's work and she sees him riding up the escalator with a red rose in hand.  He reaches out to her and says "Shall We Dance."  Perfect chic flick ending!  Truth is though - one day Jesus is coming for me and I will dance through all of eternity with Him and in His presence.  But wait, with a few more dance lessons, I can dance through this life with Jesus.  I don't have to wait until eternity.  Shall we dance?

Dance with me Jesus
Play hide and seek with me Jesus
Walk with me Jesus
Dream with me Jesus
Talk to me Jesus
Be mine Jesus
Dance with me Jesus
Look for me Jesus
Find me Jesus
Put the glass slipper on my foot Jesus
I love pretty shoes Jesus
Love me Jesus
Dance with me Jesus
Come for me on your white horse Jesus
Fight for me Jesus
Rescue me Jesus
Be enthralled with my beauty Jesus
Dip me, twirl me, spin me Jesus
Thrill me, lead me, guide me Jesus
Teach me how to dance Jesus
Teach me how to
Seek you
So I can find You
Walk with You
Talk with You
Dream Your dreams
Stare at Your stars
Marvel that you know each one by name
Hear You say “You are Mine!”
Teach me to dance this life with you Jesus
To know your eye is always upon me
To experience your presence with each breath I take
To recognize You’ve come for me Jesus!
Glass slipper, royal robe, crown and white horse
Jesus my prince - come to rescue me!
I am enthralled with your beauty Jesus
Thank you for teaching me to dance with you Jesus
Let’s dip and twirl and spin Jesus
Thrill me, lead me, guide me….
I’ll follow you anywhere Jesus


Devil Dog & Daddy!

Every time I want to approach my daddy, I am stopped by "devil dog" (a/k/a Chipper).  So, for six years and many times a day, this is what I face:

I've tried treats, shock collars, throwing my shoes at him, prayer, laying on of hands...everything I can think of in an effort to avoid being attacked.  I grow weary of the fight.

I love my daddy.  I miss having full access to him.  Oh, he's not stopping me - it's his dog I have to get around.  So, I find myself not even wanting to talk to daddy because I don't want the hassle of dealing with his evil little dog.  (I'm not bitter or anything.)

This week as "devil dog" was coming at me, I got this spiritual picture:  I have full access to my Father God - Abba Father.  But, because I live in a body of flesh and in a world ruled by the evil one - there are lots of things that come into my mind and life that become obstacles in my relationship with my Abba Father.

So many things can come into my life that keep me from constant communication and fellowship with my Abba Father.  Honestly, I wish each one were as loud and snarly as "devil dog" and not as subtle as they often are.  You know what I'm talking about?  As subtle as these things are,  they keep me from running quickly to my Abba Father and/or quickly reaching my Abba Father.

I love what God said to Joshua before going in to take possession of the land God was giving the people of Israel.  "So, take diligent heed to yourselves to love the Lord your God"  (Joshua 23:11).  I've decided now that "devil dog" becomes a wonderful reminder that I am to take diligent heed to Love the Lord my God!  (Diligent heed = an awesome word study.)

PS - I do not believe this good thought will cause my heart to grow fond or "devil dog" or keep me from using the zapper.  But, God is a big God!