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On my soap box

Soapbox: Someone who addresses their views with an amount of passion is said to be standing on their soapbox.

I found out yesterday that something I spent 10+ years of my life building no longer exists. Well, it still exits but let's just say its had an extreme makeover. Obviously, those who did the makeover are thrilled with the new but I am sad. Why? Because the mission and vision has changed. The mission and vision are the blueprint for building. Don't get me wrong - what is being built now is good, worthy and can and will be used of God to impact lives. But being established in God's Word is no longer the non-negotiable answer for a hurting community. I long then and I long now for spiritually healthy communities.

What does a spiritually healthy community look like? It is described throughout the pages of God's Word but just read Ephesians 4-6.What difference could a community like this make? Wow! A spiritually healthy community begins with God's people knowing God's Word and who then actually live out God's Word. It's a beautiful city on a hill that shines brightly in the midst of a very dark world. When a person is established in God's Word they have a full understanding of who God is (Jesus is God) and what He requires. The truth they know is lived out in their actions. God's Word puts things right in our hearts and minds and impacts our relationships and life choices. Being established in God's Word makes us spiritually healthy. You see, God's Word reveals and heals. It reveals and heals  hurts, bitterness, anger, destructive longings, dissatisfaction, and all the other things that ail us. ONLY God's Word through the power of His Spirit can do this. So, to offer those around us any other hope than Jesus and the Word of God is to withhold from them the only hope they have.

If that's the kind of community we want then it has to be cultivated and that means it takes people called by God who are willing to expend their time, talents and treasure to help make it happen. Someone(s) rises to the call of leadership!  And before I get off my soapbox, let me just add: This kind of community can only be cultivated and sustained when God's people are established in His Word.  Only spiritually healthy people can cultivate a spiritually healthy community. 

Oh, just imagine the impact we as Christ followers can make in the world if we were to first work on our spiritual health. Think about how free and equipped we would then be to go and help other believers become spiritually healthy. Let me say it again, a spiritually healthy community is a city on a hill that shines brightly in the midst of a very dark world. Non-believers will be drawn to it, want to be a part of it and there will find healing for their souls, hearts, minds.... But, only spiritually healthy people can cultivate a spiritually healthy community. 

Below is what God put on my heart and is the baton that was passed. I am still passionate about it and still believe it is how we'll change the world - one person at a time. It starts with helping God's people become spiritually healthy.  Why would I share the below or post this blog?  If you served with me at Truth for Women, you may not know their mission and vision has changed.  Their new mission and vision is good, worthy and can/will be used of God to impact lives. Serving and supporting social causes just might be where God is calling you to serve. It's just not where my heart was or is. I love the women who are leading Truth for Women and know them to be women of God and His Word. You need to know that I did not call them to ask questions or discuss this believing if they had wanted my thoughts or input or wanted me to know what they were planning, they would have called me long ago. It's okay as I have not been involved in years and they certainly don't owe me a phone call.  Please know, I ask God to bless the work of their hands and to give them favor in the community.  While our hearts remain knitted together in many ways we are just no longer knitted together in this particular mission and vision.

What have I learned from this experience?  Guard the mission and vision. Give it your all, train others, entrust it to faithful people - then, rest in God.

Truth for Women’s vision is a spiritually healthy community filled with women who are established in God’s Word and who understand and serve God’s purposes for their lives. Truth for Women works to build a vibrant network of women from every social, economic and denominational background who share strengths, resources and information to further the cause of Christ. We also provide, promote and present women with opportunities to discover and personally experience the Word of God for themselves through interdenominational Bible studies and special events.

Within this vibrant network of churches and ministries are leaders, volunteers, mentors & others who can and are working together to cultivate a 
spiritually healthy community! 

The vision of My Sister’s Closet is to be a place for the community can donate personal belongings to be sold where they will be sold at reasonable prices. A unique place to shop, volunteer or gather to fellowship.

My Sister’s Closet is the Truth for Women connection to the community (business, civic organizations, etc.) In addition to providing us with a community base of volunteers, My Sister’s Closet will be a much needed funding source for both Truth for Women
and The Women's Center Lehigh Valley 

The vision of The Women’s Center Lehigh Valley is to be a haven where women are treated with honor and respect. All services are to be free, private, and confidential. Women will be offered hope, help, and healing through Biblical counsel, mentoring, attending a support group, participating in Bible studies, finding resources, referrals, life skills, job skills, food, and/or clothing. 

Every woman finds herself in a crisis at some point in her life and needs HELP! At The Women’s Center Lehigh Valley, any woman, in any kind of crisis, and from any social, economic or religious background will find the help she needs! This is the Truth for Women network and the My Sister’s Closet community base in action!  And, it’s a beautiful thing!